Weddings and Special Events

Bethann and her team are your go-to experts for stunning bridal hair, perfect for brides, bridal parties, and any special occasion where you want to feel extra fabulous.


Bethann has extensive experience working with bridal parties and wedding vendors in the Charlottesville area. She excels at crafting beautiful bridal up-dos, flowing curls, and more for brides and their attendants. You can choose to meet in the comfort of the salon or enjoy the convenience of on-site services with Bethann at your location to create the bridal hair of your dreams!

Call 434.979.2826 for more information and to arrange a consultation.

images courtesy of the bride and groom and JMK Photos, used with permission

Other Special Occasions

Red carpet, gala event, prom, or a special evening out on the town…
there are any number of occasions to let Bethann make your hair look fabulous.